Olive Garden Revelation – Part 2

Joseph Smith said, “Salvation cannot come without revelation.”  Just as we cannot survive physically without food, we cannot hope to survive spiritually without revelation. But what does revelation have to do with the Olive Garden? Here are some insights from a recent visit of mine.

Dietary Needs

Also in a booth near us was an elderly couple. One thing I noticed was that they’d ordered pretty tame dishes. Sometimes as we get older, we realize that we just can’t eat like we used to. I, on the other hand, had no such worries. I can eat almost anything without fear of it taking vengeance on me later (which is a talent that served me quite well as a missionary). But sometimes we just have to eat different things because we have different needs as time passes.

The power of the Holy Ghost can be much the same. It can talk to us one way today, but as time passes and our needs change, the Holy Ghost may speak to us in a different way.

I’ve personally had a variety of experiences.  I’ve had thoughts come to my mind.  I’ve had scriptures give me ideas or press firmly on my mind.  I’ve also had feelings come to my heart, simple and soft, like the fruits of the Spirit found in Galatians 5.  Depending on my needs at that time, I’m am provided spiritual food that fits.

Rushing or Overeating

There was a family of four that passed our table as we ate. The father, holding a little girl in his arms, was leading his wife as he guided an older daughter in front of him. He must have been pressing on her back too hard, though, because she went flying forward and *POW*, did a face plant onto the cold, hard floor.

We may be eager to partake of the feast of knowledge and revelation that comes as we are prepared to hear what the Lord has to tell us. Sometimes, though, we can be too eager, and become overzealous, perhaps even rushing the Lord to meet our demands and our timetables and our specifications.

I had an overzealous experience of my own as tried to tackle my plate of ravioli. Halfway through I was slowing down.  My wife glanced over at my plate and said, “You’re not going to take all that home, are you?”

Hesitate.  Psh … “No.”

Hesitate again.  Sigh.  Chomp.

Nearly half a plate later, I realized that I should have stopped nearly half a plate earlier.

There is a reason that the Lord, in his infinite wisdom, gives us line upon line, here a little and there a little, as we are ready and able to receive. In order to appreciate and apply all that he entrusts us, it needs to be that way. It’s alright to take some home for later.

Continuing the Series

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  • Part 2 – Dietary Needs and Rushing or Overeating
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