Hello – Visiting Other Sheep

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A Work Born on the Western Hemisphere
“Did you know that Jesus lived here in the USA?”

The Savior did not really live in the Americas (in the region of the current United States or otherwise). He did visit, though.

In John 10:16, Jesus mentions “other sheep” that are not of the fold at Jerusalem, and promised that they would “hear (His) voice”.  These other sheep that would hear the voice of the Savior were not the gentiles to whom the Savior did not go. They were members of the House of Israel, portions of the lost tribes that included those living in the Americas at the time of His death and resurrection. After He was resurrected, Jesus spent a significant amount of time with the people on this continent. In fact, He told them that they were the “other sheep” to whom He had referred (3 Nephi 15:11-24).

The account of the Savior’s visit to the Americas is one of the most exciting and tender portions of The Book of Mormon. It tells of how the Savior invited the people to come to Him, one by one, and feel the wounds in His hands and feet as a testament that He had died for them. When I was a missionary, on the occasions that I had a chance to leave a copy of The Book of Mormon with a person, I would often recommend that they read the beginning of this account in 3 Nephi 11.


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