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Being Gay is Bad
“Being gay is bad”

President Hinckley has said, in reference to people who have same-sex attraction,

“We love them as sons and daughters of God. They may have certain inclinations which are powerful and which may be difficult to control. If they do not act upon these inclinations, then they can go forward as do all other members of the Church.”

There is a distinction between the value of a behavior and the value of the individual. Homosexual behavior, we believe, is sinful and wrong. Yet this does not mean that the individual is “bad”. In fact, “the worth of souls is great in the sight of God” (Doctrine and Covenants 18:10).

While some consider same-gender attraction to be the defining fact of their existence, we can be many things. We can define ourselves as a Texan, or a US Marine, or a red-head, or a good basketball player. The ultimate defining characteristic is that we are children of God with a divine destiny, and that characteristic is far from “bad”.

Yet this love for those who experience same-gender attraction does not extend to tolerance of this behavior. I repeat the statement released by First Presidency:

“We of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reach out with understanding and respect for individuals who are attracted to those of the same gender. We realize there may be great loneliness in their lives, but there must also be recognition of what is right before the Lord.”


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