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A Curable Curse
“So just realize you have a curable curse”

The Church certainly does not believe that homosexuality is “curable,” or, as shown in the section above, a “curse”.

Elder Wickman said,

“From the standpoint of a parent counseling a person, or a Church leader counseling a person, or a person looking at his or her same-gender attraction from the standpoint of ‘What can I do about it here that’s in keeping with gospel teachings?’ the clinical side of it is not what matters most. What matters most is recognition that ‘I have my own will. I have my own agency. I have the power within myself to control what I do.’”

He continued that he’s aware of some cases in which there has been progress in changing sexual orientation, and others where there hasn’t been. Regardless, that’s not where the focus is for the Church, which has left such things to medical doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists.  The focus of the Church is in, as mentioned earlier, remaining worthy and keeping commandments and covenants.

As a caution, Elder Oaks added this:

“The aversive therapies that have been used in connection with same-sex attraction have contained some serious abuses that have been recognized over time within the professions…. We are conscious that there are abuses and we don’t accept responsibility for those abuses. Even though they are addressed at helping people we would like to see helped, we can’t endorse every kind of technique that’s been used.”


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