Mormon Observations on “The Book of Mormon” the Musical – Sal Tlay Ka Siti

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Even after Price’s rousing chorus, the villagers remain uninterested in what Price is teaching. Shortly after he finishes, the local warlord arrives and demands that all women be circumcised by the end of the week. When the villagers protest, the warlord executes a random villager and then leaves. Safe at home, Nabulungi dreams of the promised land promised by Price.

Full Lyrics – “Sal Tlay Ka Siti”

My mother once told me of a place with waterfalls and unicorns flying
Where there was no suffering, no pain, where there was laughter instead of dying

I always thought she’d made it up to comfort me in times of pain
But now I know that place is real – now I know it’s name

Sal Tlay Ka Siti
Not just a story Momma told
But a village in Ootah
Where the roofs are thatched with gold
If I could let myself believe I know just where I’d be
Right on the next bus to Paradise – Sal Tlay Ka Siti

I can imagine what it must be like, this perfect, happy place
I’ll bet the goat meat there is plentiful and they have vitamin injections by the case

The warlords there are friendly; they help you cross the street
And there’s a Red Cross on every corner with all the flour you can eat

Sal Tlay Ka Siti
The most perfect place on earth
The flies don’t bite your eyeballs
And human life has worth
It isn’t a place of fairy tales; it’s as real as it can be
A land where evil doesn’t exist – Sal Tlay Ka Siti

And I’ll bet the people are open-minded and don’t care who you’ve been
And all I hope is that when I find it I’m able to fit in
Will I fit in?

Sal Tlay Ka Siti
A land of hope and joy
And if I want to get there
I just have to follow that white boy

You were right Momma, you didn’t lie
The place is real and I’m gonna fly

I’m on my way
Soon life won’t be so shitty
Now salvation has a name
Sal Tlay Ka Siti


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