Mormon Observations on “The Book of Mormon” the Musical – Baptize Me

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Elder Cunningham finishes his preaching. The villagers accept, and are baptized. Elder Cunningham talks with Nabulungi about her desire to be baptized with the others.

Full Lyrics – “Baptize Me”

Nabulungi: Well then, would you like to baptize me?

Elder Cunningham: Sure. Yeah. That’d be great.

Nabulungi: Okay, let’s do it.

Elder Cunningham: Heh. What, you mean, now?

Nabulungi: Why not?

Elder Cunningham: Well, to be honest, I’ve never done it before.

Nabulungi: That’s okay. Neither have I.

Elder Cunningham: (Giggling) I guess that’s true.

Nabulungi: Do you know how to baptize someone into the Church?

Elder Cunningham: Sure, that’s something we study over and over again at Mission Control Center.

Nabulungi: Then please, Elder Cunningham, I want to be baptized. I swear to dedicate my life to the Church.

Elder Cunningham: Huh… Okay, I just need a second to get ready.

Nabulungi: Okay, I will get ready too.

Elder Cunningham: I’m about to do it for the first time
And I’m gonna do it with a girl!
A special girl
Who makes my heart kind of flutter
Makes my eyes kind of blur
I can’t believe I’m about to baptize her!

Nabulungi: He will baptize me!
He will hold me in his arms
And he will baptize me!
Right in front of everyone
And it will set me free
When he looks into my eyes
And he sees just how much I love being baptized

Elder Cunningham: I’m gonna baptize her!
Bathe her in God’s glory!
And I will baptize her
With everything I got
And I’ll make her beg for more
As I wash her free of sin
And it’ll be so good
She’ll want me to

Both: Baptize her/me again

Elder Cunningham: Excuse me, I’m gonna need another minute!

Nabulungi: Never known a boy so gentle
One like him is hard to find
A special kind
Who makes my heart kind of flutter
Like a moth in a cocoon
I hope he gets to baptizin’ me soon!

Elder Cunningham: I’m gonna baptize you
I’m through with all my stalling

Nabulungi: You’re gonna baptize me
I’m ready to let you do it

Both: And it will set us free
It’s time to be immersed
And I’m so happy you’re
About to be my first

Elder Cunningham: Okay, you ready?

Nabulungi: I am ready.  So, how do we do it?

Elder Cunningham: Well, I hold you like this

Nabulungi: Yeah?

Elder Cunningham: And I lower you down

Nabulungi: Yeah?

Elder Cunningham: And then I


I just baptized her!
She got doused by Heavenly Father!
I just baptized her good!
I performed like a champ!

Nabulungi: I’m wet with salvation!

Both: We just went all the way!
Praise be to God
I’ll never forget this day

Elder Cunningham: I baptized you!

Nabulungi: You baptized me!

Elder Cunningham: I gotcha good!

Nabulungi: Baptize me!

Elder Cunningham: You want it more, baby?

Nabulungi: Baptize me!

I’ll text you later


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