Mormon Observations on “The Book of Mormon” the Musical – Tomorrow is a Latter Day

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After the pageant presentation, the Mission President is outraged and orders the missionaries home. He tells the villagers that they are not Mormons, and Elder Cunningham becomes discouraged because he ended up causing even more trouble for the villagers. Elder Price, on the other hand, has an epiphany and realizes that Elder Cunningham was right all along – even though scriptures are important, it’s more important for religion to help people. Elder Price and Elder Cunningham decide to stay and help the villagers together.

The warlord returns to the village, but is driven off by Elder Price and Elder Cunningham. They accept Elder Cunningham’s earlier stories as metaphors to help them in daily life, rather than literal truth, and Elder Price rallies everyone to work together to make their village and life a paradise.

Full Lyrics – “Tomorrow is a Latter-day”

Elder Price: We are still Latter-day Saints (and here), all of us, even if we change some things or we break the rules or we have complete doubt that God exists. We can still all work together and make this our paradise planet.

Elder Cunningham:You, you want to stay here with me?

Elder Price: I’d do anything for you. You’re my best friend.

Don’t worry little buddy
Know this much is true
Tomorrow is a latter day
And I am here for you

Tomorrow is a latter day

I am a Latter-day Saint
I help all those I can

Elder Cunningham: I see my friends through times of joy and sorrow

Elder Price: What happens when we’re dead?
We shouldn’t think that far ahead

Both: The only latter day that matters is tomorrow

The skies are clear and now the suns coming out
It’s a latter day tomorrow
Put your worries and your sorrows and your cares away
And focus on a latter day
Tomorrow is a latter day

Nabulungi: I am a Latter-day Saint
Along with all my town
We always stick together come what may

Elder Cunningham: We love to dance and shout
And let all the feelings out
And work to make a better latter day

Villagers: Hum na-haya, hum, hum na-haya
We’ll be here for each other every step of the way
And make a latter day tomorrow

Americans already found a cure for AIDS
But they’re saving it for a latter day
Tomorrow is a latter day

Elder Price: I believe
(Tomorrow is a latter day)
I believe
(Love and joy and all the things that matter day)
I believe
(Tomorrow is a bigger, badder latter day)

I believe
(Tomorrow, tomorrow is a latter day)
I believe
(A happy ending on a platter day)
I believe
(Tomorrow is a doper, phatter latter day)

Villagers: Why are Mormons happy?
It’s because we know
It’s a latter day tomorrow
So if you’re sad put you’re hands together and pray
That tomorrow’s gonna be a latter day
And then it probably will be a latter day
Tomorrow is a latter day

Elder Price: So what will tomorrow bring?
What does the future hold?
I can almost see it now

Villagers: Hello.
My name is Elder Matumbo.
And I would like to share with you the most amazing book

My name is Sister Kimbe
It’s a book about a people who were poor and sad like you

A sacred text
Of pioneers and frogs
And how you can find salvation if you if you just believe

Hi ho (Ding dong)
Hello (Boba Fett)
You have a lovely mud hut
And if you just put down the gun I’ll show you, oh, okay, I’ll leave

My name is Elder Galli
You will love all of the happiness this book can bring

My name is Elder Butt-*******-Naked
Did you know that the ******** is a holy sacred thing?

Find paradise
(With Jesus Christ)
And no more war
(Hello, nice door)
You read that Book of Mormon – did you know there’s more?

We swear
(We really care)
This is not a scam
(No ma’am)

Have you heard the story of our
Prophet Arnold Cunningham?

Our church is going strong
And if you let us in we’ll show you how you can belong

Join our family
And set your spirit free
We can fully guarantee you that this book will change your life
The Book of Arnold


We are Latter-day Saints
We take, like, one day at a time
When the chips are down we know just what to say

The past may be in tatters
But today is all that matters
Because today is yesterday’s latter day

Thank you God
Ma ha nei bu, Eebowai
Tomorrow is a latter day

Gotswana: I still have maggots in my scrotum


6 thoughts on “Mormon Observations on “The Book of Mormon” the Musical – Tomorrow is a Latter Day”

  1. Only a religious person would censor the word clitoris, and not the word scrotum.

    Women, and their anatomy, are apparently frightening.

    1. Hey, that’s a good point.

      I mean, you’re still a tool. But you have a good point. I’ve been wondering about your question since I read it.

      You say it’s because I’m a religious person (because you’re a tool, remember). Maybe. Maybe it’s because I’m a guy, so one is more of a foreign word than another. Maybe I’m micro-aggressing (damn white privilege). Dunno. This post is, like, years old now. But it did happen subconsciously, which is what makes it so interesting!

      I’ll have to decide what to do – uncensored one, censor the other, or just not worry about it. Either way – you’re a tool. Bummer, eh?

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