The Five Things Mormons Won’t Tell You About Same-Sex Marriage

So, I have a confession to make. The title of this post is completely misleading. It will talk a fair amount about Mormonism, and a fair amount about so-called same-sex marriage, but I’m not planning to reveal five things, or ten things, or any specific number of things that Mormons won’t tell you (as if there were any to begin with – usually, you can’t get a Mormon to shut up!).

Rather, this post is meant to act as a hub. I’ve written about Mormonism and same-sex marriage from time to time, and the recent ruling in Mormon Land (read: Utah) made me think that this might be a good time to organize. Till now, my posts have been largely reactionary and haphazard. My goal now is to fix that to some degree.

That being said, a more accurate title to this post might be something like The Theological Discussion Regarding Same-Sex Marriage. This title, though, is not nearly as enticing, so I played a little trick. I’m sorry. Blame xkcd.

This is what humanity has turned into – doesn’t it just make you want to cry?

But why theological discussion?

This is a complex issue, with sociological, political, economic, and other impacts. Those kinds of issues will only be touched on in a peripheral manner. I’m most interested in the religious principles surrounding same-sex marriage, particularly those connected to the LDS Church. Still, even given that focus, there is much to talk about.

Below, find links to posts I’ve written and updated. (While this is in work – and hopefully it will not be perpetually “in work” like some of my other projects – use tags like “Homosexuality” to explore other posts related to this topic.)

  • Polygamy, Priesthood, and Prop 8 – a FAQ: The Church used to practice polygamy, and now it doesn’t. The Church used to ban blacks from holding the priesthood, and now it doesn’t. The Church currently opposes same-sex marriage. Someday it won’t… right?

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