Kate Kelly was informed on June 8 that there will be a disciplinary council trying her for apostasy. Holy Bloggernacle explosion!

Holy Kate Kelly, Batman

For my part, I’m saddened by this, just as I would be saddened by any person being potentially deprived of the blessings of Church membership. Neylan McBaine expresses that sentiment quite perfectly, I think. I’ve read her post a number of times, and there’s really nothing I would object to or add my own nuance to. Because of that, I really encourage you to read her post.

Still, I wonder if McBaine’s tears are in vain. @gatesoftroy1 wrote “This is exactly what @Kate_Kelly_Esq has wanted. Now she’ll spin herself as the martyr to the media.”

That’s a little pessimistic, certainly, but look at what’s happened so far. Local Church leadership initiates a process meant to be intensely private, and Kelly broadcasts it to her clamoring fan base. She exhorted on Twitter,

“The only “sins” I am guilty of are: telling the truth, living authentically & standing up for myself & my sisters.”

She’s expressed similar sentiments (and worse) in interviews about these proceedings.

(I’m glad she’s taking this so seriously…)

@JSJ35 offered, “I hope for your sake that you make as much effort to get to your Disciplinary Council meeting that you did to be in SLC to protest conference.” I hope that, too (in my view, it’s a great point, by the way). Disciplinary councils, and even excommunication, are not meant to be a definitive end. Rather, they are meant to help people on the road to repentance (at least, when people let them).

Being Mormon means certain things. I suspect that Kelly, by virtue of the disciplinary council, may have drifted from some of those things. I hope she finds contentment regardless of what eventually happens, but if she believes – really believes – I hope that contentment is back in the Church.

Mosiah 3:19 #livingauthentically


Many people will turn this into a conversation about how the Mormon Church stifles differences of opinions, and that Kelly is going through this disciplinary process because she’s an activist.

That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

It betrays a gross misunderstanding of the principles in play, as well as a willingness to be led by the nose by Kelly and her advocates. Here are some other places to read about principles that should inform a discussion of these events:


2 thoughts on “#livingauthentically”

  1. Bravo to JSJ35’s comment.

    My friend and I were just talking about the ordain women movement on Tuesday wondering where the line might start to be considered on apostasy. I think the ordain women movement passed it a while ago when their petitioning turned into harassing (both online and in public). If it isn’t clear, I don’t share the weeping sentiment of McBaine. I know that there are a lot of Book of Mormon prophets that would share her sentiment, but I’m a big fan of the justice/mercy balance. If Kelly can sufficiently humble herself I think there will be a lot of mercy for her, but I don’t see that happening after her response of “I don’t think I’ve ever taught doctrine let alone false doctrine…” (paraphrased).

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