Today’s Mormon Molehill/Mountain

Folks like to give the LDS Church grief. Arguably, much of it isn’t deserved, but I think this is especially ludicrous.

Fancy Luda thinks your accusations of impropriety need to “get out the way.”

Headline from the Salt Lake Tribune – “Mormon discount? When it comes to car rentals, faith matters.

You gotta love the Trib.

If you read the short story, it turns out that volume, not faith, is behind the discount, making the discount utterly horrendous.

Er, I mean believable. Completely believable. And rational. And not without precedent or benefit to both the LDS Church and Budget Car Rental.

But that doesn’t keep the nuts from calling foul, or schooling the Church on their next course of action. From the comments:

“The LDS Church should quietly let their preferred rental car agency to go ahead and extend its discounted rates to other churches, pastors, etc.”

This definitely deserves a Picard Facepalm

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