“I couldn’t fathom why the Church supported Boy Scouting”

I love scouting.

That may be why I appreciated Mac’s comments here. I encourage you to read them. It’s a wonderful story.

Scouting had a tremendous impact on me, and introduced me to a host of great men who helped guide me through my teenage years. My love for scouting is likely due, in fact, to then.

You can’t be an active adult man in the Church and escape scouting for long. Just a year ago I was the assistant scoutmaster in my ward, responsible for the new 11 year-old boys making the transition from cub scouts to boy scouts (I broke my ankle in that calling… that part was sad). It’s a good bandwagon to jump on for a number of reasons, not least of which is the opportunity to serve with great people.

As we get closer to General Conference, I think Mac’s experience is also a fantastic example of how we can respond when we take positions contrary to those of Church leaders. To Mac’s credit, it must have taken considerable humility to respond to his bishop’s invitation in the manner that he did. Not everyone does that. I aspire to have that kind of humility.


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