*That* Mormon Gender Survey – A Researcher Responds!

Yesterday I talked a little bit about the FAQ provided by the Mormon Gender Survey researchers, and some concerns that I and others had seen.

I’ve kept up with comments on the M* post about the survey content (right now there are almost 150!), and there’s been even more goodness worth sharing. One of the researchers, Brent Beal, even responded!

(In one big paragraph. One of my internet rules is to never trust someone who is unable to break up their comments into sensible paragraphs.)

Here’s a breakdown of what he said:

  • “Our motivation is primarily academic.”
  • Existing data, like from Pew, is not reliable for a number of reasons. One reason is that it clearly contradicts my own assessment. Resolving this contradiction is our primary concern.
  • John Dehlin hasn’t been involved. Maybe he will be later.
  • We’re paying for a national representative sample, and we’ll use it to judge this “snowball” sample.
  • The questions that bother folks totally aren’t ours. We took them from other surveys. So you can’t yell at us.
  • We don’t have an agenda. Feeling threatened? You’re just afraid of what we gonna find out! U mad bro?

Gauntlet thrown!

Beal makes a number of ridiculous claims and connections, and folks call him out on much of it (he hasn’t responded yet).

Go read the whole thread, or at least those five comments. It’s yet another great look into the world of disaffected Mormons who can’t leave the Church alone, and the shoddy tactics folks will use to further their agendas.

(For the record, I don’t have a problem with honest concerns dealt with reasonably. This… well, this is clearly not that.)


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