The Fallacy of The Pharisee

I bet I can guess what you thought this morning when you got out of bed.

“I really wish I could go back to college so I could sit in class and take quizzes and prepare for midterms.”

Yeah right.

(My first thoughts are more along the lines of “Damn adulthood….”)

Now, I loved college as much as the next guy, and the pursuit of learning brings with it an incredible thrill, but there are just some things I don’t miss all that much from that time in my life.

Generally, class and quizzes and midterms are among those things.

Perhaps you’re like me. Even still, I hope you’ll let me run you through a quick course on fallacy.

Fallacy is important to recognize, because people use fallacies (knowingly or not) to manipulate others into agreeing with a specific point of view. Many criticisms against the Church involve fallacies designed to mask important considerations. Fallacies make arguments sound true, but actually cloud the real issues and conclusions.

More importantly, it’s easy to miss unless you know what to look for.

So, let’s talk about some things to look for.

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