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Mud and Stars

Two women* looked out from the same bars.
One saw mud; the other, the stars. Continue reading Mud and Stars



Sticks and Stones

I hate the word “controversy.”

It’s not that people use it incorrectly, unlike, for instance, the word “literally” (no need to break out Princess Bride memes).

Rather, I hate the word “controversy” because of the way people use it to manipulate a conversation. To say “controversy” suggests something sinister and appalling – it’s in the connotation (just like with the connotation of the word “cult,” which I also discuss on this blog). Don’t get me wrong – controversy absolutely, legitimately exists – but too often the word “controversy” is used to color a conversation and predispose us to a certain point of view.

It works, too. Be on the wrong side of a controversy, and folks are ready to literally burn you at the stake. Continue reading Objection!